quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

Carol Ann Duffy- Warming Her Pearls

for Judith Radstone

Next to my own skin, her pearls. My mistress
bids me wear them, warm them, until evening
when I´ll brush her hair. At six, I place them
round her cool, white throat. All day I think of her,

resting in the Yellow Room, contemplating silk
or taffeta, which gown tonight? She fans herself
whilst I work willingly, my slow heat entering
each pearl. Slack on my neck, her rope.

She´s beautiful. I dream about her
in my attic bed; picture her dancing
with tall men, puzzled by my faint, persistent scent
beneath her French perfume, her milky stones.

I dust her shoulders with a rabbit´s foot,
watch the soft blush seep through her skin
like an indolent sigh. In her looking-glass
my red lips part as though I want to speak.

Full moon. Her carriage brings her home. I see
her every movement in my head…. Undressing,
taking off her jewels, her slim hand reaching
for the case, slipping naked into bed, the way

she always does…. And I lie here awake,
knowing the pearls are cooling even now
in the room where my mistress sleeps. All night
I feel their absence and I burn.

Carol Ann Duffy

4 comentários:

karin disse...

este, também da carol ann duffy, também é muito bonito. Gosto do blogue :)

Daegaz disse...

Obrigada Karin.

T disse...

Posso postar todos os outros poemas interessantes da Carol Ann Duffy, mas com tantos livros bons, é quase impossível.

Há outros poemas homoeróticos também...

karin disse...

Deixo outra sugestão: Vague Poem, Elizabeth Bishop (http://amyking.wordpress.com/2008/03/22/ms-bishop-her-secret-self/). Muito vago, mas muito bonito, e também algo erótico.