quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2009

TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation

TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation Mission Statement & Goals

TKPRF is committed to the premise that Gender Identity Disorder is something a child can't control and it is society that needs to change, not them.

TKPRF will strive to encourage families to allow their children the ability to grow-up free of gender roles.

TKPRF is committed to enhancing the future lives of TransKids by educating schools, peers, places of worship, the medical community, government bodies, and society in general, in an effort to seek fair and equal treatment of all transyouth.

TKPRF is committed to supporting TransKids in their school systems so they may receive equal rights in order to ensure a safe and bully free education.

TKPRF is committed to funding research to study the current plight and challenges of the transchild. There are currently no formal studies, books or data that can help guide parents when making decisions for treatment. Families are often met by resistance and healthcare professionals that give them incorrect, and at times, detrimental medical advice. There is an urgent need for curriculum changes in universities and medical school to meet the needs of all transgender individuals.

TKPRF plans to reach out to the homeless youth and those that have no where else to turn. Funds for healthcare, surgery and scholarships can be made available to transyouth in need.

TKPRF is aware that sex and gender are seen and used interchangeable in legal arenas. These two entities are very separate and need to be divided. It is time for the politicians to listen and for the medical professionals to speak up. It is time for the young voices of TransKids to be heard.

TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation

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NR disse...

Ver esse video deixou-me muito feliz..
Quando uma criança de 7 anos consegue falar assim, faz pensar porque é que aqueles com mais 20 ou 30 anos de vida não pensam da mesma forma..