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Murders of Gay People in Just ONE YEAR After Matthew Shepard

The world is dangerouss for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and
trans-gendered people. Please take appropriate precautions and fight
against the hatred!

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs lists the victims as:

Rita Hester, Boston, MA - November 28, 1998 - Stabbed multiple times

Clay Jacquin, Detroit, MI - December 13, 1998 - Beaten to death

Harold Jack Eisenhuth II, Eldora, CO - January 9, 1999 - Bludgeoned to death with a hammer

Lauryn Paige (Donald Scott Fuller), Austin, TX - Stabbed multiple times in the head and torso

Steve Dwayne Garica, Houston, TX - February 6, 1999 - Shot to death

Billy Jack Gaither, Sylacauga, AL - February 19, 1999 - Throat slashed, head fractured with an ax handle, body burned on a pile of kerosene-soaked tires

Alden Hill, Lansing, MI - February 21, 1999 - Died of gunshots to head and chest

Unknown Male-to-Female Transgender, Houston, TX - February 25, 1999 - shot to death

Tracy Thompson (AKA Tracy Turner, Billy Joe Turner), Cordele GA - March 30, 1999 - Struck in the head with a baseball bat

Paul Meroski, San Juan, PR - April, 1999 - Multiple stab wounds in the head, inflicted with an ice pick

Murders of Gay People in Just ONE YEAR After Matthew Shepard

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Ana Oliveira disse...

Depois de ver o The Laramie Project fiquei a saber que Matthew Sheperd foi torturado. Toda a gente deve ver esse filme.